Yoga Or Medition: Emptying Is Filling Up With Energy

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The yoga (Hatha) and meditation significantly improve brain function but also the energy levels, reveals this small study from the University of Waterloo. A practice of only 25 minutes per day stimulates the executive functions and cognitive abilities related to achieving goals, the ability to control his emotional responses.

“Yoga and conscientious meditation emphasize the conscious ability of the brain to regulate certain target behaviors such as breathing and posture. But these 2 practices also reduce the processing of non-essential information, “says Peter Hall, associate professor at the UW. From then on, these practices make it possible to focus more on the objectives of everyday life, explains the author.

Yoga or meditation, cognitive benefits: the study of 31 participants invited to attend a 25-minute session of yoga, 25 minutes of conscious meditation and 25 minutes of silent reading (a control task) in random order, shows effect a strong improvement in executive function, with meditation or yoga vs. the task of reading. Evidence suggests that yoga and meditation would bring cognitively comparable benefits.

Yoga or meditation, a full of energy: the study reveals that meditation and yoga improve energy levels, with more powerful effects for yoga that ultimately combines physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation.

What biological processes? There are a number of theories explaining why certain types of physical exercises such as yoga improve energy levels and cognitive performance: endorphin release, increased blood flow to the brain and reduction of concentration on negative or parasitic thoughts.

Source:   Mindfulness Seven 2017 Examining the Acute Effects of Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation on Executive Function and Mood

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