Why Insurance And Connected Items Are Bad

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personal data and connected objects, a mixture that raises many new questions: seen at the beginning as a means of measuring his actions on a personal scale, these objects will take a whole new turn in the coming months: insurance initiate their first offensives conditioning a discount on your subscription to a permanent measure of your activity … and to the detriment of your private life.welcome to gattaca!

Afew days from the supposed launch of iWatch by Apple, the world of new technologies only brush for that: the connected objects, the trend of the moment. If a lot of journalists make lengthy articles on this subject, I suggest you look a little further, towards the consequence of the massive use of these connected objects. It must be said that it will not have dragged on: about two years after this new fashion reached the general public, the ogres of the data have fully understood the potential that these small objects could conceal: Facebook shows perfect example, by acquiring Moves in April 2014, a health application that measures everything from your smartphone. If for Facebook, this strategic choice makes sense, it is in the process of being born a brand new market that will be well conditioned by your actions: that of fluctuating prices of insurance policies according to your state of health . All this, unfortunately, almost in real time my friends.

Your personal data at the mercy of the insurers

Withings-pulse-appOne of the first insurers to launch the offensive in France is AXA, which for the moment is rather na├»ve in playing its program for a game.Obviously, under the guise of preventing different diseases, the goal is above all to able to observe you.The principle is the following: we offer you the small owl Withings Pulse – also emanating from a French company, cocorico! – and in return you will measure all your activity to know if you are someone with a correct lifestyle, or a big lazy slumped every day in his sofa. If you are fit, we offer vouchers for free massages. If it’s the opposite, you’ll soon pay for it! Would it be appropriate to prevent any cardiovascular diseases fromdisclosing to third parties their personal health data without any control? Especially since of course, none of these connected objects has basic security by password (I do not even talk about encryption …), so to say that they are strainers. Look at all the sites of the manufacturers of connected objects, never you will make heading “data security” , an attic when touching such a sensitive area.

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