We Can Have 1000 Passwords On 1 Site, But Not 1 Password On 1000 Sites

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Ateach time, countless hands that rise. The question I ask is always the same: I ask professionals, managers or students “Who has the same password on several important websites?” Almost every time,80% of the people present raise their hand. And honestly, having the same password everywhere is a disaster in terms of protecting personal data. You wonder why, even if you have nothing sensitive in your data?

illustration-card-1441198-mNow you no longer have any excuse: since yesterday, the most known software of passwords,1Password , has just become free on iOS(to be very precise, it passed in Freemium, but the functions of the free version are 1Password is one of the most popular software tools for password management. It was created by a Canadian team and has been in existence since 2006. It can be synchronized with Dropbox and iCloud especially, in order to have your keychain on several devices . Some may argue that these last two cloud services are not the most secure, but you do not have to synchronize them.

For those who do not know, here is the principle of a software such as 1Password or Dashlane : you have only one password to create and remember, this is your “master password”. These software programs not only store your website credentials: they can accommodate other items, such as software license numbers or credit card details. Their first role is to unlock the keychain containing all your logins and password (unique!) For each site or service. Each time you register on a new website, the software will propose to you to generate a complex password(of which one can define the parameters). Same to log you, it is the software that fills itself the identifiers on each site. “But … web browsers offer this function well, is not it?” Yes, but it is absolutely not encrypted, so in a browser, your passwords arestored in clear! The advantage of encryption is security. Then there is the essential principle of having a password that has nothing to do with precedents already created.


Jennifer Laurence may not be the ambassador for the new Apple Watch.

Because this is the problem: what does a hacker do when he finds a winning combination email / password? He tries it everywhere, on every possible site.In many cases, if I rely on the people I interviewed, the hacker would haveeasily hacked their entire digital life: accessing their iCloud or Google Play accounts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on … And here is the drama: as your email (which serves as last bulwark) also had the same basic password, it’s fucked up! No way to go back and cancel anything, the damage is done. A particularly difficult test to live, but which is largely underestimated each time.

While hacking and fishing cases are increasing, password management software has become vital in 2014. I have no share or participation in these software companies, but I have seen too many catastrophic cases so as not to raise the alarm bell. Some of you write their passwords in an unencrypted Excel file, others make heads of variants of passwords depending on the site … I have seen of all colors, and all this is not serious.

Beyond the password manager, there is another essential link that must be checked: the famous “secret questions”. That’s how Jennifer Lawrence and other stars got caught. Indeed, it is also from this that comes the negligence: “what is the name of your dog?” Asks you in a secret question. When this one has already been mentioned 50 times publicly on Facebook, you see just how much the safety net is non-existent …  And bam, a secret question revealed. A second question in the same genre is enough and it is finished for your password, it can be reset.

Even though there is no star among us, it is still essential that ordinary mortals have strong passwords. Because it is very easy to amass data of thousands of people by hacking them, and that these data are very expensive. Yes, even yours. You do not believe in it ? Ask this young Italian student who decided to sell them to the highest bidder. He proposed selling his navigation data containing 6 months of web history. These data read well on all his tastes, leisure and preferences. He approached several companies that buy and sell these profiles per kilo. You know how much he has collected for these 6 months of data? You think he could have bought a smartphone with that money?Come on, think … He sold them for over $ 2700! It’s a nice little nap, is not it? What beautiful technological gadgets and other leather goods can be afforded with this! 2014 marks another economic burial break: the one where the data included in a smartphone of a citizen lambda is worth more than the device itself.

So it’s time to react. Look at what password handlers you prefer, but do not stay with password1234 as a universal password. No one has any excuse today for not protecting themselves effectively. Securities are strong, interfaces easy, and the price very affordable, or even free. As is often said about new technologies, the weak point is often between the keyboard and the chair … So take some time to be more serene in the future.Even Odile Deray would have done.

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