Steps To Oragnize Your Trip

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Book the air ticket: give priority to periods outside school holidays when you can

Book domestic flights with local airlines (airbangkok, air madagascar, etc.)

Book any train tickets to the airport or car park. (for Nice airport, stop at the stop Saint Augustine which is close)

See if you need a visa: click here

Learn about mandatory vaccines. Recommended vaccines are not mandatory.

View the country’s situation on

Make a passport (around 80 €)

Phone package to be adapted abroad if needed

Withdraw cash in euros in France and make a little change at the arrival airport (if you exchange in France, there will be fees). The best thing is to exchange money in the city of arrival.

Scan passports and send them by email

Ask for a medical certificate for your insurance: for example with CB Visa 1st, go to:

Composition of the backpack or suitcase:

  • Miscellaneous: Adapter plugs, anti-pollution mask, knife, ventral bag for papers, first aid kit, mosquito repellent, notebook + pen, useful numbers (bank opposition, etc.), padlock, cap, calculator flashlight, camera, cash, sunglasses, large protective bag to wrap the backpack for the plane, a multiple socket, chargers (phone, computer …), lonely planet of the country, plastic bags
  • Hygiene: nail clippers, 2 rolls of toilet paper, baby wipes, small towel, razor, sunscreen, hygienic protection + plastic bags (sometimes there is nothing to throw away, tooth brush, shampoo, make-up, hairbrush, folding hair dryer, deo, waxing strips, dressings, make-up pencil, cotton stalks, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • Clothing: 3 long suits, 3 short outfits, swimsuit, flip flops, kway, pullover, walking or tennis shoes, flip-flops, seamless bra, underwear, socks, pareos
  • Prevention Homeopathy
    • DIGESTE and BASIC from Xantis: plant tablets to help the body
    • CHININUM ARSENICOSUM 4 or 5CH: 1 tube, take 3 granules in the evening during the stay
    • PODOPHYLLUM 4 or 5CH, take 3 granules at the rising during the stay homomeopathic to avoid being sick (countries of Africa, Asia, South America):
  • Take the essential oil of cinnamon and ravintasara with a little honey (1 drop in 1 teaspoon every morning)

Provide a small cabin suitcase for the plane with:

  • essential oil and homeopathy for transport sickness
  • scarf
  • toothbrush, baby wipes
  • small bottle of water
  • night business so long stop at an airport
  • inflatable pillow and eye strap (to sleep well)
  • ear plugs (very useful if baby on board)
  • Take something to work or read
  • Lip balm
  • Some clothes: spare pants, tee-shirt, a pair of socks
What to do before leaving home: empty garbage cans, close shutters, water plants, turn off gas, put indoor plants in a bright room, give keys to someone who will water the plants, extinguish the meter, cut water, clog the pipes for odors, make a good housekeeping

Print all travel documents (airline tickets, hotels, etc.)

Travel in sportswear

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