Relaxing A Month In Thailand

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Like every year, since we quit smoking, we offer ourselves a distant trip … This year, and for the 2nd time, we went to Thailand . This country is so magical … 2 years ago, we stayed 10 days and stayed mainly on Bangkok ( see the 2013 travel book ), but this time we left 1 month and made the north and South.

Here is a short summary of the journey before discovering the photos …

Our journey in numbers

(Bangkok> Phuket> Chiang Mai)
– 3 boat trips (Phuket> Ko Phi Phi> Koh Lanta)
– 30 kg of luggage
– 1 month on the spot
– 7 Accommodation: Hotel Rajata and Bayoke Sky hotel , Kamala Bungalow (Phuket), Hotel The Beach Resort (Koh Phi Phi), Hotel Lanta Sand (Koh Lanta), hotel sira Boutique and Cool Guest house (Chiang Mai).
– no gastro, no turista !! yes!
– we saw magnificent elephants for the king’s birthday
– we received a blessing from the great monk of Chiang Mai
– a hundred or so devoured Thai soups
– 1 organic Thai cooking class in the midst of camphor
– 1 massage per day, sometimes 2 so they massage well

The course



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