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As every year, since we quit smoking, we travel! This time, we are going to Madagascar this winter! Great ! And for 3 weeks! Now come the question of how to protect myself from malaria (also called malaria) . I was strongly advised to take medication in pharmacy … But being more for natural products, I have difficulty to make me this idea … I have known that a physiotherapist from the Toulon area has become blind after a treatment of malaria taken during a trip … not very reassuring … ( risks for the retina confirmed in the bible of essential oils of Danièle Festy, Pharmacist).

Understanding malaria

Palu is an infectious disease . It is carried by female mosquitoes of a very particular species. There is a risk of catching it in wet areas, palu means marshes or malaria means bad air. You do not necessarily catch the palu even if you have been bitten. But if the mosquito carries the virus, what happens?

* Case 1: the mosquito carries the virus plasmodium vivax , one can make a beautiful fever with a few tremors then it passes and the disease can remain silent. Nothing mortal!
* Case 2: the mosquito carries the plasmodium falciparum , much more violent! Neurological disorders, prognosis in play, if the disease is treated quickly, it is good.

There are 3 malaria zones in the world . Each zone has its own treatment. Let us not forget that every year malaria kills, especially African children . Even if the ratio is low compared to those who catch it and who are treated … I have noticed, after several research on the internet, that malaria kills mostly in African countries where malnutrition is very high , so my critical mind pushes me to wonder, who finally kills? Is this the combination of these 2 factors? Some people catch it without being malnourished, but are these people under antimalarial treatments for prevention?

Globally: 660 000 deaths in 2010 (I did not find more recent figures …)
91% of the mortality was concentrated in Africa.
86% of deaths occurred in children under 5 years of age.
An estimated 80% of malaria deaths were concentrated in 14 countries.


Here are some examples of malaria maps found on the internet. What interests me is that, for example, it is written on the WHO map that there is no malaria in the Seychelles or Reunion, but that there is a risk in Madagascar that entered ?! Not very logical … And on the 2nd card, it is written broadly, the name of the medicines to be taken, as if it was an advertisement, a promotional card … I still wonder who makes malaria cards ? Is it the pharmaceutical laboratories? or who? The Malagasy family that sees tourists all year long (since they have hotels) told me that they have never seen a case of malaria in 5 years.

Malaria-world 2012-13

To give advice here is to advance on mined ground. The unfriendly exchanges that can be read on the Internet forums dedicated to the subject show how much the opinions are opposed. Even among naturalists, it is doubtful that the health authorities, supported by the vaccine and biocide manufacturers, are so frightened that they are soon inclined to believe them. Yet there are proven natural means to eliminate most of the risks associated with these trips.

“Recommended” vaccines

According to the Guide du Routard and all the others, it would have to be unconscious to leave the tropics without the slightest vaccine … And if we listen to the “wise” advice of the family doctor – who knows about tropical medicine like plumber – you will immediately be bitten against yellow fever, encephalitis (Japanese, ticks …), meningitis, hepatitis A, B, typhoid fever, rabies and of course the flu. This is the minimum rate for any regular traveler!

These are all the more closely followed because everyone thinks they will be sent back to the border if they are not properly immunized. But this is true only for the vaccine against yellow fever . In many countries vaccination is only “strongly recommended” without being mandatory , but in vaccination centers for (pigeons) travelers, the difference is NEVER explained. If vaccination is mandatory, do it, but if it is not, think carefully and do not let it be abused. Remember that laboratories do not guarantee immunity, but only the possibility of contracting diseases in a more gay way … You are therefore not 100% protected.
Think about the side effects: some of them have seen many tourists, super-vaccinated, sick throughout their stay in Africa and are beginning to recover on return. There is, moreover, a common clause in the insurance contracts of tour operators, which provides for a health repatriation for vaccine complications.

Although there is no malaria vaccine , you are not left with the choice to protect yourself from this disease. The chemoprophylaxis reigns supreme with its remedies answering the little names of Nivaquine, Paludrine, Savarine and more severe versions Malarone or Lariam … But do not misunderstand because (what you are never told clearly) the usual preventive treatment n ‘ is to prevent crises but will not prevent you from contracting malaria.

The parasite (the evil Plasmodium family) is developing more and more resistance. For cons, the traveler, he still resists evil in this chemoprophylaxis can cause many side effects and a better intestinal discomfort again likely to upset his vacation. 
Let us take the example of the Lariam, antimalarial more and more prescribed because theoretically adapted to the zones where the resistance is most developed. It is a dangerous poison that causes death every year. Doctors are the first to recognize that prescribed medications, including quinine-based tablets, have heavy side effects!

Mosquitoes are increasingly resistant to insecticides

We agree: it is essential to protect ourselves from mosquitoes. They are the most dangerous transmission agents: malaria, dengue and chikungunya are the main agents. 
There are insecticides and repellents, but at the Pan-African Malaria Conference held recently in Durban, the researchers made a sad observation: resistance to pyrethroids is now widespread in Africa . These substances form the basis of the insecticides used, including those sprayed on mosquito nets.

In other words, you will gain nothing by using the Pyrel spray cans, the electric scatterers Catch or the spirals to burn . And so much the better: Pyrethroids can cause allergic reactions, cerebral disorders and locomotion in case of prolonged exposure and some of them are classified as possible carcinogens by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Repellents: danger to humans

To compensate for the programmed inefficiency of these biocides, chemical consortia have developed repellents. The most effective contain DEET (NN-Diethyl-3-methylbenzamide), considered the “gold standard” of mosquito repellent products. A molecule that attacks the nervous system of insects … you can then see it agonize by wiggling. A falsely reassuring spectacle as the molecule also reaches your own nervous system!

A study published in 2009 showed that DEET attacked not only the neural functioning of insects but also that of mammals by inhibiting in particular a very important enzyme in cellular mechanisms.

Basic rules against malaria and tourism

  • Never drink local water
  • Do not consume raw vegetables or unpeeled fruits
  • Sleeping under a mosquito net
  • Have a good spray repellent
  • Wear long clothes at nightfall
  • Tend the arms of red tiger balm (never face because it heats)

Prevention of malaria with essential oils

It has not been found better than essential oils (HE) against turista, malaria, yellow fever, dengue, chikungunya and what is still unknown … The antimicrobial properties of certain essential oils have been described for more of 30 years. In addition, last and not least, essential oils do not destroy the intestinal flora and protect against bacterial and viral attacks.

Aromatherapy is the best solutio n in theory … But in practice, this does not of itself: bad synergies doubtful chemotypes, poor quality …

All specialists know the most powerful antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitic essential oils. Here is the winning quarter:

  • Cinnamon HE
  • The oregano HE
  • HE of clove
  • EO of tropical basil

Prevention and Treatment of Danièle Festy, Pharmacist, against mosquito bites

Ask your pharmacist to prepare:

– essential oil of eucalyptus polybractea cryptonifera (eucalyptus with cryptone): 2ml
– essential oil cymbopogon: 1 ml
– essential oil syzygium aromaticum (clove): 1 ml
– Transcutol: Qsp 10 ml

  • Prevention of the squint : apply 2 drops of this mixture twice a day on the thorax, the back as well as the zones exposed to the stitches and throughout the stay.
  • Treatment of the stitch : proceed exactly in the same way, but multiply the doses by 3, that is to say 6 times 2 drops per day.

Tips: for a repellent to work, apply it everywhere! If we put on the nose, it will not protect the cheek!

Prevention Tropic ‘Aroma

Tropic’Aroma  is a formula that was designed several years ago by a great aromatherapist, Luc Grossin, for the many expatriates and diplomats that he counted among his clients. In view of the results observed, it has refined it over the years.

In addition to the 4 essential oils mentioned above, this formula contains ajowan HE (bacterial and parasitic protector on the digestive sphere), saro HE(nicknamed Malagasy “the oil that makes evade the evil , It is a great immunostimulant), as well as ginger HE (antiseptic and tonic). There is also in this composition the HE of turmeric whose role is to promote in support of ginger the elimination of toxins.

This complex contains powerful and aggressive HE. But the presence of digestive HE and vegetable oil of perilla makes the remedy bearable by the organism and avoids the problems that one meets with the conventional prophylactic medicines that put the intestines in bulk and thus go in reverse (if you have a malaria attack or a fever in these countries, you will immediately stop your allopathic treatment to treat your intestines).

In prevention, it is necessary to take 4 capsules per day from the arrival in the country without it being necessary to take before the departure. On return, it is advisable to continue treatment at this rate over 10 to 15 days.

To benefit from total protection, there is also a formula of the remedy in spray version . It is a repellent based on HE of Ceylon lemongrass and lemon eucalyptus, bourbon geranium, palmarosa, tea tree, davana (swamp willow) and cabreuva.
This spray allows to permeate its mosquito net , to spray the living rooms, clothes and to cover the exposed parts of the body. It is also a remedy that can be applied directly on a sting or on itching.

Prevention Parakito

Para’kito sells bracelets in which are placed Para’Kito ™ platelets which diffuse a mixture of 7 essential oils of vegetable origin, which naturally prevents the effects of mosquito bites. Friends have tested and approved it in Guadeloupe or this bracelet has saved them from being bitten.

Prevention Homeopathy malaria

  • CHININUM ARSENICOSUM 4 or 5CH: 1 tube, take 3 granules in the evening during the stay> prevention for malaria diarrhea
  • PODOPHYLLUM 4 or 5CH, take 3 granules at the rising during the whole stay> prevention for diarrhea
  • CUPRUM METALLICUM 5CH, 3 granules at lifting during the whole stay> prevention of very liquid diarrhea

Symptoms of malaria

  • Malaria is a disease characterized by acute febrile episodes .
  • Symptoms appear after seven days or more (usually 10 to 15 days) after the infective mosquito bite.
  • Early symptoms: high fever, headache, chills and vomiting, Severe appetite, respiratory distress
  • If left untreated within 24 hours, P. falciparum malaria can progress to a severe and often fatal condition.

Curative treatment of malaria if caught

  • Medical treatment
    • If you go to Central Africa, in a small village where there is no pharmacy, the wisest is to have a Malarone, Nivaquine or Doxycycline antibiotic with you if you (prescription) bought in France before leaving.
    • If we catch the palu in town (more rare), they are accustomed to this kind of inconvenience and know better than us what to do! In Madagascar, they use  Paludar  as an antimalarial in case you feel the symptoms. There are treatments in the Homeopharma in Madagascar.
  • ome natural remedies that you will probably also useful.
    • Have a good supply of green clay (available in all organic shops). This mineral is one of the most versatile medicines in the world. It can solve many ills as:
      The intestinal cramps , very frequent traveling. Dive 3 to 4 tablespoons of green clay powder in a glass of water, wait 5 minutes, mix and drink. If unfortunately some disturbance persists, give yourself a second dose. You will not need a 3rd as you will actually be disinfected. The infra-millimetric particles surround germs and dirt, inactivate them and then evacuate them through natural channels.
      The small cuts or abrasions: act quickly because it is a gateway for potential attackers. Use clay as a paste. By covering and protecting the wound, this paste will also trap all dross and toxins and then promote tissue regrowth and healing.
      The burns and sunburn : the clay is the only solution in the world (with some honey) can alleviate pain, repair the skin and allow it to recover as it was before the accident. In these cases, it is necessary to make poultices of green clay.

Note: you can use tap water to prepare clay water to drink. Put 1 teaspoon of clay in a bottle and add 10 drops of lemon essential oil. Let stand overnight and drink while leaving the clay at the bottom. You get a drink very refreshing and very safe prophylactically.

    • Have about ten sachets of magnesium chloride . This product that you find in pharmacy also solves infections, whether bacterial or viral (it can also be applied to wounds, use as a disinfectant …) and its intake is valuable in extreme situations, chikungunya , polio, meningitis , and other epidemics that you may be exposed to.
      Le sachet de 20 g se dissout dans 1 litre d’eau juste avant l’emploi, et la potion (infâme au goût) doit être consommée en totalité dans la journée. Les conséquences intestinales ne se feront pas attendre et vous serez contraint de rester proche des sanitaires mais c’est le prix à payer pour bénéficier de l’efficacité du remède en cas de crise ou d’accès fiévreux. Ce produit fatiguant le système rénal, il est à réserver de préférence aux cas graves, aux infections touchant le système nerveux en particulier (neuropalu), une indication pour laquelle il est vraiment irremplaçable.
    • Take Tropic ‘Aroma . Obviously, 100% efficacy can not be guaranteed with this product, but what doctor would have the impudence to guarantee 100% the chemoprophylaxis he prescribes for you? On the other hand, you have a universal product as precious to yellow fever, malaria, chikungunya, dengue as filariasis, amoebae, turista or whatever . In case of fever or acute gastroenteritis, take 8 capsules per day .

My choice for Madagascar (3 weeks stay in the 4 corners of the island)

Après tout ce que j’ai lu comme effets secondaires sur les anti-paludiques pharmaceutiques (attaque le foie et l’estomac, danger de maladie de la rétine, troubles cutanés ou digestifs, attention si l’on est en insuffisance rénale, hospitalisation d’urgence en cas de surdosage…). Après tout cela, mon choix s’orienterait vers la solution la plus facile Tropic Aroma à base d’huiles essentielles, mais vu le prix pour 7 semaines de traitement à deux (environs 135€), je ne vais pas choisir ce remède.

Finally, we will opt for a super mosquito repellent, homeopathy, long sleeve tee shirts and will try to get the least bit of poking possible! Then I’ll buy some green clay . We will also take essential oils: cinnamon and lemon (as we had done in Thailand), 1 drop morning and evening in 1 spoon of honey . I think that the remedy of the evil is in the country in which we go so if necessary, we will buy on the place other essential oils such as: HE of saro, clove … I specify that my sister- which has a hotel in the north of the country, and therefore accustomed to seeing tourists, has never seen malaria cases in 5 years!

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