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Concealing and color correcting our face is a game changer for every makeup look. Covering our un wanted spots and blemishes is the only thing that makes us more confident. You can conceal all your dark spots and dark circles from a concealer easily. And of course, there are many high end and drug store makeup brands that have the best concealers for you to buy.

A color correcting is a palette that consists of multiple light toned cream shades; like pink, yellow, orange, green and blue. What these colors do is they neutralize your dark spots and when you apply concealer on top, it looks flawless and even.

You can buy single shade of color corrector or the whole palette; or you can buy a palette that has it all; the concealers and the color correctors. Also, there are many known, high end or drug store cosmetic brands that offer the best concealer palette.

Actually, there are so many that you might get all confused on which one to buy and which one is the best among all. For that, this article will help you. These are the key features of the two highly rated concealer and color correcting palettes. Also, they are customer’s favorite, are highly pigmented and conceal away every imperfection of your face.

Let’s see which one suits you the best.


Every makeup frantic knows NYX cosmetic brand. NYX has launched so many amazing products that people buy every time. Just like that, NYX has a color correcting and concealer palette that has all the color correcting shades; including pink, yellow, blue, green and a concealer. With NYX cosmetics color correcting and concealing palette, you can achieve the perfect and flawless look you have always wanted.

Key Features:

  • Highly pigmented.
  • Have all the right shades for color correcting purposes.
  • Have a total of 6 shades; 4 for color correction and 2 concealers.
  • Also, all the shades are creamy, build able and light weight.
  • A must have for all the makeup geeks to cover their imperfections.
  • Can stay put for even 24 hours straight.


Morphe is a high end brand and has many amazing makeup products. As for the concealer and color correcting palette; Morphe launched the 20 color contor/concealer palette that is everything you need for every look; or even for daily basis. It has all the color correcting shades, concealers and contour too. So that is a plus.

Key Features:

  • Every shade is much pigmented.
  • Have a total of 20 shades in all.
  • Morphe’s palette has 8 color correcting shades, and 12 concealer and contor shades.
  • Highly affordable.
  • Also, its staying power is incredible.

You can now stop searching for the best concealer palette; you can buy either of these NYX and Morphe palettes and you are good to go. Both the palettes have amazing colors and will make you look flawless throughout the day.

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