Mobile Applications: Real Spies?

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At the time of the great unpacking of bare selfies from Hollywood celebrities, a quick word to advise you to watch this short 26-minute report from Arte. It deals with mobile applications and personal data: Mobile applications: real spies? In particular, we can see the CNIL at work, and also a German research center that notes mobile applications according to their respect for personal data : a very good initiative, which should be better understood by the general public.

Indeed, what differentiates often 36 free applications that make “flashlight”? Just the way the authors seize your personal data.Some are respectful, when others will ask you to have access to your directory (!) If you want to use the application. This kind of drift will have the effect of a time bomb in the months and years to come.

On the other hand – not surprisingly – researchers at HP have found that 8 out of 10 connected objects are strainers for data security. No wonder, and for the blow really disturbing.

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