Is Android Smart Lock Worth the Hype?

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When you unlock the door of a car, it doesn’t matter if you are doing it manually or with an auto-lock system, what matters is that it gets unlocked. Similarly, in case of a mobile phone, there are a number of ways like face recognition, PIN codes, fingerprint sensor, smart lock and what not for unlocking purposes. All these methods do their job of unlocking perfectly. That is where questions arise; are some of these options more secure than the others? Which one is safer and which one is not? The fact that all these security systems unlock the phone perfectly is a reason enough to give a shot to any option you like.

Is Android Smart Lock Worth the Hype

That being said, out of all these methods, Smart Lock has a variety of features not only in terms of unlocking the phone but for various other reasons as well. Below discussed are a few of them:

Trusted Places:  

As the name suggests, at any of your trusted places, be it your home, office, your car or your friend’s house, the phone will remain unlocked. You just have to choose an address or a location where you would like this feature to be switched on. It is obvious that you would be using it at the places where you are most comfortable and this way you can have a clear distinction between areas you want your phone to be enabled with a locking system and where you don’t.

Trusted Devices: 

Whether your phone is paired with a Bluetooth device or a smartwatch, you can mark either of the devices (or any other device that requires Bluetooth connection) to be trusted with the help of this feature. Next time onwards your phone will remain unlocked when you connect these devices to your phone. It is a convenient feature and when you use certain devices on a regular basis, Trusted Devices is one of the best options to go for.

On-Body Detection:

This feature uses motion sensors so that every time you pick your phone out from the pocket or a purse, the phone gets unlocked automatically and ready for use. And when you put it back inside your pockets or purses, it gets locked again. To put it simply in a sentence, once your phone has detected that you’ve stopped moving or are at a stationary place, it will remain locked.

Trusted Faces:

Just like the face recognition feature, trusted faces also unlock the phone through the front-facing camera to identify your face and then finally unlocking it.

This feature is definitely something that people look forward to the most.

Besides these four main features, there are a few other uses as well. We all download apps and the first thing we face with when we open the app for the first time is to fill or add username, email id field, but when the smart lock feature is enabled you get a little pop-up asking if you’d like to log in using the saved credentials or not? So that definitely saves your time.

Along with this, when you go to settings>>Google>>Smart Lock for Passwords, and you switch this on, you are making your life so much easier. This feature offers you to save your passwords to your Google account, which is quite similar to Chrome’s pop-up for saving accounts except for the fact that it also works inside apps. Once you are done with this, your login details will further get synced with your Google passwords and will also be accessible from Chrome or any Android device. So when you’re logging into that same service or app again, doesn’t matter if you’re using Smart Lock or you’re logging in with autofill with Google, your account details will be there.

Worth the hype? 

We have reached the million dollar question of whether this feature is worth the hype or not? Well, consider this, nobody wants to go through the tedious task of writing the password to unlock the phone or draw a pattern every single time you pick the phone. With Smart Lock, the biggest advantage is of the convenience that it puts you in, there is no annoyance in connecting or unlocking with it.

It knows you and your habits and proceeds further according to that only.


Now that you know what a seamless process it is to have the feature of a smart lock, you know why and how it is worth the hype. Many phone brands like Panasonic India Smartphones(Panasonic P100), Vivo, Xiaomi, and Oppo have this feature embedded in their phones.

While there are many reasons to go ahead with the Smart Lock feature, all the phones have security systems like PIN codes, pattern unlocks system, fingerprint sensor, facial recognition etc. in them, including the ones mentioned above. So this way you can benefit from all these systems and keep your data safe and secure.

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