Instagram Pages That Make You Believe Earth Is the Best Exemplar to Heaven

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Hanging around a bunch of social networking sites has been one of the best ways to get a thrill out of life.  Although being brought out with a half-pie launch-Instagram has gradually become the sensation of social networks. With every other person joining it, Instagram community has expanded to include bloggers who are just not driving food and fashion into limelight. A number of adventure enthusiasts and travel aficionado have come over to widen our view by bringing into focus profuse amounts of unexplored gems of this planet.

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While we were just awestruck with baby photos and pet videos, motivated and somewhat contrite after having a look at various fitness bloggers, and dumbstruck at the amount of followers celebrities garners, some quirky travel buffs and explorers made the opening move of travel and adventure related blogs and pages on Instagram. These pages and blogs offer some of the best clicks which will make you marvel at the unseemingly diverse terrains and natural charms of various countries which are still to a major extent off the beaten track. Some of the pages who joined hand in this initiative and are source of daily motivation for people to be positively energized about travel and exploration, are mentioned below.


We all face situations when words fail to express the breath-taking encounters that leave us blissed out. With a huge collection of images ranging from mesmerizing natural expanses to captivating sceneries during different seasons, this page leaves everyone in a reverie. Be it the misty snow-clad mountains, the divine flowers, pristine lakes, or the sublime sea, this page brings the entire world in its most splendid incarnations.


Exploration is just not discovering what is beautiful to the eyes, it goes well beyond the extrinsic appearance of something. Being a finesse to this outlook, one of the few Instagram pages that seek to bring those destinations into limelight which are distinctively pleasing to the eye and certainly not aesthetic. With a number of diverse pictures available on the page, one can easily find placement of different objects such as trains, cars or houses in very different backdrops which will cause one to consider their significance while also forcing them to think the circumstances under which they were brought there or the eventual formation of the place.


With its well-deserved and exquisite images-the Instagram page of Beautiful Destination boasts a follower community of almost 11 million. Pictures posted by Beautiful Destinations are enough to ignite wanderlust in anyone. The scenic terrains captured in the photos available on this page are not the only ones making up for its followers. A number of images showcase life, be it in the hustle-bustle of city or pristine environs, which are the ones creating magic in the lives of its viewers.


Naked Planet is one of the most popular pages of Instagram promoting eco-tourism. Capturing some of the best moments of natural formations, this page is run by a group of individuals who wish to connect with the environment. Apart from beckoning images of natural landscapes, this page is host to various images of wildlife related existence.

Smartphones are the ones who have made access to these pages more handy, however, for using apps which bring the paradisal beauty of the planet in front of your eyes one needs a phone that embrace the quality of a panoramic visual display that enhances that moment of adoration. While a number of brands offer phones with large screen, some of the best brands that ensure a range of other features with the smartphone include Sony, Panasonic India Smartphones, Samsung.

Instagram has saw a gradual inclination of followers to the travel community. While fondness towards Instagram has altogether been a recent phenomenon, however, eco-tourism promoted through Instagram is now giving a good fame-game to all kinds bloggers. Although the numbers of all food and fashion exceed to that of travel bloggers, however, this is what works in favour for them as they are one their kind. These pages not only provide with a sneak peak into those destinations which one could not have imagined in their wildest of dreams, but also provide information about their existence and their specialities.Instagram is a growing community which has seen a spike in numbers with the evolution of new-gen gadgets- smartphones.

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