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Sometimes all you need is to get somewhere fast after spending the least amount of money on fare. It can be difficult to do this with many airlines. Fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice your time by going by road because the air fares are too high. You can now fly conveniently without paying exorbitant fees with Indigo airlines.


Reasons why you should choose Indigo airlines

Encourages students

This airline is currently giving students a discount of up to 6%. Students often live on a shoe string budget because of the many needs they have to satisfy. This discount is a great boost for many parents and students who are already constrained by the high demands of our education system. Additionally, students get a 10kg baggage allowance. Students always have a lot of things that they need to carry. One of the reasons why many students would opt for road transport is because of the associated cost of carrying extra baggage weight on the plane.

Excellent service

It is easy to assume that a budget airline has poor service. This stereotype is understandable since many budget airlines have been known to make up for the low fares by using cheap labor. You will be pleasantly surprised when you use Indigo airlines because this airline offers first class service. You will have all your questions answered adequately by our well informed staff.

You can carry your own food

Many people complain that the food served by budget airlines is expensive but this is because the food is charged separately. Unlike other airlines which have the food added to the air fare, budget airlines give you the choice to decide if you want to eat or not. You do not get this privilege when using other airlines. If you do not feel like eating anything, you shall forfeit your money since it is nonrefundable. Fortunately, you have a choice when you use our airline. You can decide to eat, not to eat or to bring your own food. This kind of options can only be found with budget airlines which understand you.

Children given priority

It is assumed that for you to survive the use of a budget airline, you need to fight your way into the plane and out since it is survival of the fittest. If you have children, you need not worry since these are just stereotypes. Our staff is well trained to give children their place as special guests for our airline. Children will have the attention they need and we even ensure we have food for children readily available to ensure you have as easy a flight as possible.

Budget airlines are very important since they enable travelers to still travel with the minimal time possible yet at a friendly cost. Being able to save time and money is definitely worth the few challenges you may experience when you use this budget friendly airline that treats you as a friend.

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