How Safe Is Cannabis for Your Dog Ailments

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For most of your dog’s health issues, you have now one medical component i.e. cannabis. The cannabis being derived from the hemp plant is enriched with various health benefits that can be beneficial for the human being as well as your pets. The demand for Cannabis has increased so high in the market that CBD products are being sold legally in the market. You can easily buy cannabis from CBD Oil Canada store.

CBD is not a compound of Marijuana: Those who still think that cannabinoid is the outcome of the marijuana plant, they are wrong. There is no doubt that marijuana has also the same compounds as hemp plant, but the CBD derived from hemp herb is more preferred for the health benefits. Marijuana and hemp are two plants of the same family but are distinct genetically.

Hence the composition of CBD, which is used in medical science, is more in hemp as compared to the marijuana plant. As marijuana has less composition of CBD, it is less preferred over hemp plant. However, medical marijuana is nowadays being grown that is enriched with a high amount of CBD and can be easily used to cure common ailments.

Who Cannabis Work for Dogs?

Dogs have their body functionality alike human beings. They have some CBD receptors that get activated once they receive signals from the body. These receptors are majorly present in the brain, central nervous system, and other body parts. These entire receptors are called as endocannabinoid system.

These receptors have a direct impact on your mind, skin and other body parts. So, whenever you add CBD to the dog diet, it shares signals to the CBD receptors that charge the entire body with positive signals. As a result, this energy helps to cure inflammation, depression, aggression, anxiety and many other health problems.

There are many health issues where your dog will experience relief. It gives relief from chronic pain, anxiety, depression and even cancer. In the scenario when your dog gets any sprain or fatigue, you can use CBD to add relief to your dog. But one factor you should always note that if your dog is already getting any conventional medicine, you should consult the veterinary doctor before adding CBD. Its even better to start with a low dosage, to examine any adverse effect of Cannabis on your pet’s body. Once confirmed you can gradually increase the dosage, as per your doctor’s prescription.

Keep Your Dog Safe from Overdose:

You should always keep an eye on the changes in body language that can be the symptoms of any adverse effect of CBD on your dog. This could be either due to its overdose or its reaction with the conventional medicines.

Final Verdict: If you are a pet owner, CBD will really help your dog get positive results against common ailments. However, proper consultation is always recommended before adding CBD to the diet. Its overdose can harm your body including high blood pressure, nausea, sleepless nights, etc. So, you should take care of your dog and go for a small dosage that can help your dog get better results without experiencing any negative effects.

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