How Medical Marijuana Is Differ From Recreational Marijuana

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Talking about marijuana comes with numerous queries which are related to its origin and its use of mankind. Since many years, the use of marijuana was strictly banned over the globe. But once its health benefits were encountered, it was permitted for medical purpose, in many countries. CBD Oil Canada stores are one such place where you will find CBD products.

But when we were discussing the use of CBD, extracted from Marijuana as well as hemp plant, a new term came into limelight i.e. ‘Medical Marijuana’. Those who are new to this term, Medical marijuana is marijuana cultivation which is dedicatedly done for its use in the medical field.

Now, how medical marijuana is different from recreational marijuana? Let’s find out.

Difference in Terms of Availability: When it comes to its availability for medical patients and recreational users, there is not any difference between them. Instead, the sellers sell the high-quality CBD products to the needy without filtering them on the basis of patients and recreational users. They have the same place to store high-quality marijuana which can either be used for medical purpose or for recreational purpose.

Difference in Terms of Purchase Limit: When we are talking about medical and recreational users, there is no such distinction in terms of purchase limit. However, there is a standard limit of 1/8 ounce of concentrates which can be purchased in a single day. However, till now there is no such centralized structure which can determine how much concentrates you have purchased in one day.

Difference in Terms of Age: Now talking about the age difference between these two categories, no such difference has been decided by the government. If you are above 21, you can buy it from an authorized seller (but stick to purchase limits). But for below-21, the caregiver needs to undergo some formalities before allowing the kids to take it.

What’s the Technical Difference: The major component which brings a huge difference between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana is the ratio of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The THC is that component of marijuana which gets you high. And that’s the actual reason why marijuana is banned in various countries.

However, medical marijuana is specially grown to be used for medical purpose. The ‘medical’ marijuana is given a completely different environment for its growth that makes it effective and enriched with high potential to deliver good results. Also, in medical marijuana, the ratio of THC is lower as compared to recreational marijuana.

Overdose is still harmful: If you think taking medical marijuana in high dose can work well, you are wrong. This is the common misconception that most of you reside in your mind. The overdose of marijuana is harmful in every aspect. There are some common health issues that may occur due to its overdose.

Final Verdict: When you are taking it for medical purpose, it’s important to consult a doctor and get proper assistance. Following instructions will help you get the best results without experiencing any side effect.

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