Galaxy Note 8: A Lot Of Glue But Removable Components According To I Fixit

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A new device comes out, so it’s time for iFixit to attack the smartphone with all kinds of accessories. iFixit  recently boned the Samsung Galaxy Note8 , revealing its guts. As often with smartphones, the Note8 has a lot of glue . The glass panels at the front and at the back are held with glue, and the battery is glued. In other words, accessing it requires a lot of heat pads and softness. Unfortunately, glue is a reality of the mobile industry. It probably contributes to the resistance to water and dust, which seems to be achieved by a rubber seal around the chassis of the device.

Although iFixit disapproved of the usual glued construction, the site praised the Galaxy Note8 for having several modular components . The headphone jack is easily replaceable. The USB-C port is found on a dedicated card, and not soldered to the motherboard.

The Galaxy Note8 has modular components

A score of 4 out of 10

After removing the glass back shell, you can see the place the S Pen occupies in the smartphone (the gray band next to the battery). As a result, Note8’s battery capacity is 200 mAh lower than Samsung’s other large smartphone, the Galaxy S8 +. So it’s easy to see just how small the battery is and how little space it occupies inside the smartphone. Another comparison shows us that the Galaxy Note8 has a wider screen and edges thinner than its predecessor.

The Note8 S S Pen takes a lot of space in the smartphone

iFixit also analyzed the Note8 camera system. Samsung now has up to four cameras in its range Note  : the usual front camera, a second front camera for unlocking the iris, a rear camera also traditional, and a second camera in the back for an optical zoom and a depth of field effect. The site showed how optical image stabilization works thanks to a soft X-ray machine: the black dots surrounding the cameras in this image are magnets that stabilize the camera.

Galaxy Note8: exploded view

At the end, iFixit gives the Galaxy Note 8 a rating of 4 out of 10 on its repairability scale . Obviously, this is not the best score, but it’s much better than the dismal 1 out of 10 that the Essential Phone got. For those who want to see what the Samsung phablette looks like, go to the iFixit website.

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