Flying From Nice To Bankok Via Dubai

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Living in southern France, the easiest way to go to Thailand is to leave Nice with Emirates, one of the safest companies in the world. Depending on the dates, tickets can cost from € 500 to € 1200 return to make Nice-Bangkok.

What can we bring in the cabin?

We are entitled to a bugging cabin per person for a maximum weight of 10 kg (small suitcase or a small travel bag). Taking a large fabric bag like banding cabin is very convenient for putting in bulk pulls, etc. or a large basket.

Liquids are allowed in the cabin for a total volume of less than 100 ml. All small vials should be placed in a zipped plastic bag. One is entitled to one plastic per person.

Or sit on the plane?

I ask myself this question every time, this year I finally find the answer !! Every time, we are tempted by the porthole but for long flights, I do not advise because to go to the toilet, it disturbs the row each time … After reflection, if traveling as a couple, it is best to take the ranks of four people, for you will only disturb your half to get up. If you are alone, prefer the corridors. I took the porthole all the time to be able to sleep better, that we say it, by plane, we sleep very badly that we are in porthole or corridor, it is the same !!

The stopover of 15h in Dubai: hotel of the airport

We test the stopover of 15h in Dubai and we sleep at the hotel of the airport. The hotel costs 650 aed (taken on + 10% ie 715 aed or 175 €, it is expensive but rest is priceless … The room is very large, view of the lobby interior ‘airport. The hotel staff pick us up at the exit of the plane with a sign.

When traveling more than 6 hours with stopover, to take a hotel room and to rest, to leave the next morning or noon, it is the best.

Should he exchange money before leaving?


1 € = 4.13 aed (dirham)
1 aed = 0.24 €

Note the current exchange rate and ask your bank to see if it is interesting. For example at dubai airport, they buy our euros. When you look at the ticket office, there is buy or sell, it is buy you have to look if you want to change euros in another currency.

The exchange rate is more interesting in Bangkok city.

The Buy amount in Dubai was 37.60. So for 100 €, I have 376 Thai baht. In Bangkok, the Buy Buy was 40.12, so I would have had 401.2 baht.

At the airport, you pay in dirham (aed), you divide the prices by 4 to get the price in euros.
The easiest way is to pay by cb to the airport. Inquire about the fees at his bank before departure.
At dubai, at the restaurant, you can leave or not 10% of the note in tip.
There was a nice restaurant by the door B31 (sushi next to the mac do, the little train)

Good to know

At dubai, there are small duty free caddies in front of the shops, even if you do not buy anything, you can use them as cabbage baggage trolleys and drive in the airport with. Then they are left at the boarding gate.

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