Emirates: Liquids In The Cabin, Stopower In Dubay, Change Money

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When traveling by plane, here are the instructions for cabin baggage with the company Emirates.

  • Liquids allowed in cabin for less than 100 ml accumulated. All your small bottles must be placed in a zipped plastic bag
  • 1 plastic bag per person and one cab bag per person of 9 kg
  • Take a large fabric bag to put all the stuff in bulk (or a large basket)

On board the plane

  • When traveling as a couple, prefer the middle ranks of 4 people
  • When we have very bad ears on the plane, to make reiki from the first genes or pains (tested and approved)
  • When we reserve special menus, we serve before all the world

A long stop in Dubai

  • We test the stop of 15h a dubai and sleeps at the hotel of the airport
  • Hotel dubai 650 aed + 10% ie 715 aed, that is 175 €. While on booking, they announce a rate of 130 €
  • Very large room, view on the lobby of the airport. Quiet room
  • Without being asked, the hotel staff picks us up at the exit of the plane with a sign
  • When traveling more than 6 hours with stopover, take a hotel room and rest, leave the next morning or noon. In our case, we have 12 hours of plane and 15 hours of stopover.
  • What to do in stopover? Nothing in my opinion … But others will love to shop duty free. In Dubai, there are self-service showers, reclining seats that are not really comfortable …
  • In Dubai, there are small duty free caddies in front of the shops, even if you do not buy anything, you can use them as baggage trolleys and drive in the airport with. Then they are left at the boarding gate.
  • At the airport, you pay in dirham (aed), you divide the prices by 4 to get the price in euro
  • The easiest way is to pay by cb to the airport. Find out the fees from your bank before departure
  • At the restaurant, you can leave or not 10% of the note in tip, invoice separately if you pay in cb
  • We noticed some nice little restaurants by the door B31 (sushi next to the mac do, and another resembling a little train). When I say nice it is about the welcome and the smile of the people, not necessarily on the quality of the dishes … But let us not forget that everything is industrial so as much go the or the welcome is good …

Or do the exchange? How to get the best price?

  • Note the current exchange rate free of charge, simply by typing in google “euros baht” for example. The amount is € 1 for 40.67 baht. So if I change 200 €, I will have 8134 baht.
  • Check with your bank to see if it is interesting.
  • In exchange, there is “buy” or “sell”. What interests us when we make the exchange is the amount of the original currency. Ex: I have euros, I want bahts, I look at the amount buy in euros. For example, the buy euros is at 39.70, if I change 200 €, I will have 7940 baht.
  • I advise to avoid the exchange in transit, this is not interesting, you would lose a lot. Change a minimum to take a taxi or metro upon your arrival. But make the most of the exchange in a local bank of the country of arrival.
  • More interesting exchange rates in bangkok city: 40.12 versus 37.60 in Dubai


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