Chrome OS Will Offer The Ability To Rename USB Keys

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vangelist Google Chromium François Beaufort is back with new information for Chromebook owners. It reveals that future versions of Chrome OS will allow users to rename USB devices connected to the computer .

A new “Rename” option has been added to the right-click menu of the Files application on Chrome OS, allowing you to rename connected USB storage devices, whether a USB flash drive or an external drive . The renaming feature, currently available on the Chrome Canary experimental channel, can also be activated using the keyboard shortcut “CTRL + Enter” on your Chromebook.

”  Renaming the external USB flash drives in Chrome OS will soon be possible for everyone, as the team is currently implementing this feature in the Canary version with the experimental flagchrome ://flags/#enable-external-drive-rename  ,” said François Beaufort on Google+.

Rename a USB device will be easy on Chrome OS

Plenty of new to come

In addition, the Files app now has a “Recent” folder in the latest Chrome Canary, which will show recently changed files from your Google Drive, the Downloads folder, and the Media folder on Chromebooks who support the Google Play Store. In addition, the Chrome OS Canary experimental channel now offers users a new ”  Reverse scrolling  ” setting for the mouse wheel.

Another upcoming Chrome OS feature is the ability to mute and disable noisy websites – whose audio is played automatically. The parameter is directly accessible from the information button of the page (accessible by clicking on the “i” to the left of the URL). It is simply called “Son”. François Beaufort says this feature, which is also available in Chrome Canary if you have enabled the flag -- enable-features=SoundContentSetting , will give Chromebook owners more control over their web browsing sessions.

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