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Instagram Pages That Make You Believe Earth Is the Best Exemplar to Heaven

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98 total views, no views today Hanging around a bunch of social networking sites has been one of the best ways to get a thrill out of life.  Although being brought out with a half-pie launch-Instagram has gradually become the sensation of social networks. With every other person joining it, Instagram community has expanded to include […]

Technology Today

Technology Today

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423 total views, 2 views today When it comes to technology, many of us know only the things involved, rather than the intricacies and mechanisms behind the scenes. And, of course, that’s fine, but it makes the whole affair seem more magical than scientific. It’s like that saying, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. If […]

Gaming App safe and Secure

How to keep your Gaming App safe and Secure?

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2,266 total views, 5 views today The gaming industry continues to grow, each passing day. A good part of this industry happens to be mobile gaming. With the new technologies available today, gaming apps are now in high demand. One important reason behind this necessity comes from the developers who focus more on the marketing strategies than […]

Mobile Applications: Real Spies

Mobile Applications: Real Spies?

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260 total views, 1 views today At the time of the great unpacking of bare selfies from Hollywood celebrities, a quick word to advise you to watch this short 26-minute report from Arte. It deals with mobile applications and personal data: Mobile applications: real spies? In particular, we can see the CNIL at work, and also a […]

Chrome OS Will Offer The Ability

Chrome OS Will Offer The Ability To Rename USB Keys

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270 total views, 1 views today vangelist Google Chromium François Beaufort is back with new information for Chromebook owners. It reveals that future versions of Chrome OS will allow users to rename USB devices connected to the computer . A new “Rename” option has been added to the right-click menu of the Files application on Chrome OS, allowing you to rename connected USB storage […]

You Can Buy The Xiaomi Mi A1 On Android

You Can Buy The Xiaomi Mi A1 On Android One For 179 Euros

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262 total views, 1 views today he first Xiaomi smartphone with a stock version of Android is on sale in a few countries. But if you want to buy a Xiaomi Mi A1 and receive it in France, Gearbest has what you need. The famous The The online store that allows to buy multiple products, Gearbest,  markets the Xiaomi Mi A1 for 206 euros. But […]

Galaxy Note 8:

Galaxy Note 8: A Lot Of Glue But Removable Components According To I Fixit

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260 total views, 1 views today A new device comes out, so it’s time for iFixit to attack the smartphone with all kinds of accessories. iFixit  recently boned the Samsung Galaxy Note8 , revealing its guts. As often with smartphones, the Note8 has a lot of glue . The glass panels at the front and at the back are held with glue, and the battery […]

On 1000 Sites

We Can Have 1000 Passwords On 1 Site, But Not 1 Password On 1000 Sites

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142 total views, 1 views today TO HAVE A REAL SECURITY OF ITS PERSONAL DATA, THE FIRST THING TO DO IS TO HAVE A GOOD STRATEGY OF PASSWORDS.UNFORTUNATELY, IN 80% OF CASES, IT IS RATHER THE OPPOSITE … Ateach time, countless hands that rise. The question I ask is always the same: I ask professionals, managers or […]

Apple Watch

Branding: Why Apple Watch And Not I Watch ?

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140 total views, 1 views today FINALLY, IT WILL BE “APPLE WATCH”. A PRIORI, THE CHANGE OF NAME OF THE LAST PRODUCT OF THE BRAND TO THE APPLE REVEALS MORE THINGS THAN IT APPEARS. The experts were therefore mistaken. All of the “observers” who love to predict what Apple’s products will be before its release had bet […]