7 Apps to Make Your Household Work Smooth and Quick

7 Apps to Make Your Household Work Smooth and Quick

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255 total views, 1 views today Have you planned so many things for this summer, but all your plans are jamming up your calendar and  doesn’t leave much time for fun? In today’s life, we all have so many things to do and we always run short of time. The reason being we are simply disorganized or […]

Airtel Recharge Made Convenient by Best Network Providers

Airtel Recharge Made Convenient by Best Network Providers

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245 total views, 1 views today Airtel has been in communication business for over two decades and has provided the customer with beneficial services as well. As a result of this, it is becoming the largest and the most trusted networks in India. Not only it leads the telecommunication but is also known for its Wi-Fi dongle, […]

Value as a Service (VaaS) is Changing Ecommerce Software

How Value as a Service (VaaS) is Changing Ecommerce Software

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300 total views, 1 views today If you use a form of technology to run your business, then you’re probably aware of the term “disruptive technology.” It’s defined as any technology that can shift an entire industry, ultimately leaving other, related forms of technology obsolete in the wake of its adoption. Good examples of disruptive technology include: […]

Is Android Smart Lock Worth the Hype

Is Android Smart Lock Worth the Hype?

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232 total views, 1 views today When you unlock the door of a car, it doesn’t matter if you are doing it manually or with an auto-lock system, what matters is that it gets unlocked. Similarly, in case of a mobile phone, there are a number of ways like face recognition, PIN codes, fingerprint sensor, smart lock […]

Panasonic India Smartphones

Instagram Pages That Make You Believe Earth Is the Best Exemplar to Heaven

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393 total views, 1 views today Hanging around a bunch of social networking sites has been one of the best ways to get a thrill out of life.  Although being brought out with a half-pie launch-Instagram has gradually become the sensation of social networks. With every other person joining it, Instagram community has expanded to include bloggers […]

Technology Today

Technology Today

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1,000 total views, 1 views today When it comes to technology, many of us know only the things involved, rather than the intricacies and mechanisms behind the scenes. And, of course, that’s fine, but it makes the whole affair seem more magical than scientific. It’s like that saying, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. If […]

Gaming App safe and Secure

How to keep your Gaming App safe and Secure?

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2,994 total views, no views today The gaming industry continues to grow, each passing day. A good part of this industry happens to be mobile gaming. With the new technologies available today, gaming apps are now in high demand. One important reason behind this necessity comes from the developers who focus more on the marketing strategies […]