Branding: Why Apple Watch And Not I Watch ?

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The experts were therefore mistaken. All of the “observers” who love to predict what Apple’s products will be before its release had bet on the name “iWatch”. This will not be the case.Revealed on September 9, the latest products from Apple are the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus (so far everything is normal), then Apple Pay and Apple Watch .

The “i-Bidule” is over

Initiated under Steve Jobs, the denomination of products with an “i” preceded the name dates from 1998, when the first iMac released. On this subject, many people are still mistaken in the syntax: the “i” has always been written in lowercase and the next letter in uppercase. This famous “i” was there to mean “internet”, something that was not as natural at the time as it is today.Then followed the iBook, the portable virsion of the Mac according to Apple, the famous iPod (not connected to Internet for the coup), then the iPhone and the iPad. The Apple watch would have had to be called “iWatch” … if there had not been 2 breaking factors.

“Hello, it’s Tim”

apple-watch-classicAt the death of Steve Jobs, some “experts” (always them) did not give the survival of Apple without his guru. Three years later, under the presidency of Tim Cook, Apple is worth over $ 600 billion and has $ 160 billion in cash . The brand is the first market capitalization in the world. On this point, no worry, the mark is saved. Simply, can Tim Cook “wear it” Apple as well as did Steve Jobs? That was the problem. Tim Cook had to prove himself to shareholders and clients. It demonstrates Apple’s unwavering commitment to innovation. Tim Cook had to “mark” his own era at Apple. What’s better than a branding change to mark a break? The products born under the era Tim Cook, therefore, will no longer have a name beginning with “i” but will begin with “Apple”. Hello Apple Watch !

The naked selfies o  f the stars in ambush

Another much more recent issue regarding the Apple Watch , the scandal of bare selfies stolen from the stars: Apple was pointed at because of the vulnerabilities present on iCloud. What is more in this context, you sincerely imagine that the watch could have been called iWatch (I look)? This would have given an even more voyeuristic side to an object that tracks intimate and personal data. If Apple obviously did not talk about iCloud’s security issues during the keynote, everyone had it in mind.

Here is a new era of products created under the chairmanship of Tim Cook, with Apple Pay and Apple Watch . Besides, another symbol of the transition, the iPod Classic as it was known was removed from the Apple Store. He will go to the museum after 375 million units sold. The era and influence of Steve Jobs and therefore well and truly over, for those who could still doubt it.As for the Apple Watch and the questions of personal data that it raises, I will have the opportunity to talk about it in a future article very soon. Will the watch shake the Swiss watch industry?Opinions are divided. Are there any people who plan to buy it?

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