7 Days In Koh Lanta

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Hotel: the Lanta Sand, 4000 baht per night (100 €)
Price of a scooter rental: 300 baht
Price of Phi Phi a Lanta by boat: 300 baht per person
Price from Lanta to Phuket by boat: 600 baht per person
Transfer from the port of Phuket to the airport: 200 baht per person in mini private bus
Weather: it has been gray every day with occasional fine rains

From Koh Phi Phi to Koh Lanta

From Koh Phi Phi, we can go by direct boat to Koh Lanta, an island about 40 kms (2h boat). No direct journey from Phuket to Koh Lanta, you will make a stopover in Phi Phi. We stayed at the Lantana Sand Resort in Kamala for a week. The Layana looked great but complete … so we will go to  Lanta Sand Hotel on Long Beach (Pra Ae Beach), the most beautiful beach on the island where we can admire the sunsets . A little later during the stay, we will visit the Layana out of curiosity. Very nice hotel, very luxurious but a little too much for us. The Lanta Sand has a beautiful tropical garden and is more family, one prefere. The crossing is 300 baht per person from the port of Ko Phi Phi. I advise you to book your hotel before departure, because in the boat there are travel agents who have only one purpose, to bring you to their hotel, so if you have already booked, they do not insist . They also propose that we buy the return ticket directly back to them, that we will have a better price at 700 baht. Do not buy, it’s cheaper on the island. Upon arrival, we are asked 10 baht per person to charge for cleaning the port car park.

The Lanta Sand

The hotel Lanta Sand picks us up at the port, very convenient. We arrive at our villa, it is magnificent. The room is located in the tropical garden, decorated and maintained with care, a happiness for the eyes. We have an indoor and an outdoor bathroom with a bathtub, the top!. This hotel is very good, excellent value for money (around 90 € per night), deluxe service: marble floors, private bathroom inside and outside, very refined decoration, small lounge with terrace overlooking the pool, etc.

Discovery by scooter

We will rent a scooter (300 bahts a day) and drive to Lanta Old Town. Downstairs, there is a small resto the Rubber with a terrace on piloti overlooking the sea, beautiful . On Ko Lanta, everything is varied, we pass from the city, to the mangrove, to the tropical forest in 30 kms. At Port Saladan, we stopped eating in a small restaurant by the port, excellent, the Sea Side, very colorful, charming home. And in front, finally a store that sells simple tees of excellent quality and at a normal price. The Papa restaurant is also very good. Ko Lanta is a small island and we went around very quickly, I thought it was better than Phuket to ride a scooter. There are also less things to do, it’s relaxing. We would have liked to snorkel in Ko Roch but it was not very nice. Moreover, the restaurants tell us, there is nobody, it is the beginning of the high season but many establishments are empty. And it is true that compared to Phuket, it is day and night. Basically it is the island where you have to come if you want quiet, beach and pool, massage and snorkelling.

Travel from Koh Lanta to Phuket

We will buy tickets to return to Pho Phi with Chao Koh Group. The boat is not the usual ferry, it is 600 baht from Lanta to Phuket via phi phi. On board, we are offered a taxi service when you arrive in Phuket, 200 baht per person to go from Phuket port to Nai Yang beach near the airport, mini bus ride, I think it is not dear at all as there is an hour’s drive .The direct route does not exist, it is necessary to go back by Koh Phi Phi. The journey from Ko Lanta to Phi Phi is very fast, 1 hour by boat. The change of boat is very fast, 10 mn maxi and we leave, then count 2h of crossing to Phuket. I think it would have been better to fly to Krabi to avoid the boat, as it was eventually very long to get back to Phuket .
As we flew the next day to Chiang Mai, we slept near the Phuket airport, at the Nai Yang Beach hotel  in Phuket, I recommend this hotel , ultra noisy, crazy people disrespectful … Despite the comfort of this hotel, it feels like Formula 1, even worse, with hordes of Japanese screaming in the corridors at 4am … By the way, there is the hotel Dewa which looked very good, or the Nai Yang Beach Resort and Spa by the sea.

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