7 Apps to Make Your Household Work Smooth and Quick

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Have you planned so many things for this summer, but all your plans are jamming up your calendar and  doesn’t leave much time for fun?

7 Apps to Make Your Household Work Smooth and Quick

In today’s life, we all have so many things to do and we always run short of time. The reason being we are simply disorganized or we don’t prioritize things. However, the good news is, below-mentioned seven apps can help you to keep a track of multiple household chores, so you can leverage more time getting things done rather than keeping their tracks.

  • BrightNest

From keeping things clean to adding colors on them, BrightNest, available for Android and iOS, is loaded with suggestions on how to make your home a perfect place to live in. There are multiple categories of customized tips, such as cleaning, money-saving, health, creative, etc. based on the makeup of your home, giving you numerous ways to pull inspiration from the app. You can choose some as your favorite, and generate a schedule for executing the tasks either regularly or lately.

  • The Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius

Family Handyman Magazine, by Reader’s Digest, has been a source of advice for conscientious homeowners. This app, curated from a magazine, contains multiple tips, ideas, and tricks for people looking to turn their dwelling a tidier place. Whether it’s building and remodeling to garden and lawn, there is a wide range of content to draw from.

  • Home Maintenance Manager

Some of us are the fix-it freaks and this app can act as our supervisor. It can remind you to conduct periodic maintenance to track projects across various properties. It is simple to look back and see the last time of a performed task by its “history” feature, from checking the backflow on lawn sprinkler to cleaning your furnace filters.

  • Homestyler Interior Design

For various people, seeing is believing, which means before bringing a radical change to their place, they want to see it visually. With this app, it is possible to put professional-level graphics right on your smartphone. It begins with a snapshot of your space and then, enables you to browse from thousands of design products to view how they would appear your space. You can even take help of an interior designer or else you can flip through other user’s concepts, in order to get more inspiration for your own home.

  • How Your House Works

Whenever you buy anything new in your home, it is not necessary that you know how to operate it. However, to learn it properly, you need a person or a book. As the name suggests, this app is full of information and overflowing with everything, from air conditioning to plumbing. All these tips are written by home improvement experts, backed with fully searchable keywords, easy-to-follow illustrations, and loaded with tips on keeping your appliances running properly.

  • Zillow Digs

People browse for real estate websites not just to find a new home, but also to get inspired on ways to keep up with the Joneses, by peeking into nearby houses. Zillow Digs shares all that intelligence efficiently without snooping on your neighbors. With project estimates for bathroom and kitchen projects, it can be a real eye-opener for homeowners before they put the first hole in a wall.

  • Thumbtack

Sometimes you need a helping hand to complete a project, in order to add the finishing touch. Thumbtack is used for connecting users to a network of professionals who have submitted a bid for work. This network of professionals is available across 50 U.S. states, making it (Thumbtack) an excellent resource. With a huge range of instructors, including music teachers, event planners, etc. there is even a possibility for personal improvement when your home job is completed.

Take Away

There are apps for every walks of life and without any doubt, they have made our lives tremendously easy. These discussed applications are here to give you a clear picture. If you want to make your life easy and smooth, then you can opt for any of these apps.

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