6 Tips for Being a Greener Driver

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The environment is suffering, and everyone needs to do their part to help. There are many ways you can be a more eco-conscious person You can eat less meat throughout the week and avoid drinking bottled water when you can. You should also bring reusable bags to the grocery stores, so you are using less plastic. All of this helps, but another area where you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint is in the way you drive.

6 Tips for Being a Greener Driver

1. Drive Smarter and Slower

The harder you accelerate, the more greenhouses gases your vehicle will emit. Additionally, if you go faster, then you will need to slam on your brakes harder. This will require you to accelerate more when traffic picks back up again. You should also get in the habit of never idling in your car for longer than 30 seconds. It is best to avoid fast food drive-thrus that could have you waiting for minutes. You should also get in the habit of not keeping heavy objects inside your car when you will not need them.

2. Walk When You Can

You may need to drive to get to work, but you should consider opportunities when you can walk. If you are heading over to a restaurant that is right down the street, then consider walking instead of driving. When you need to go a little further than a block, you should consider biking. Public transportation is also a great option for getting more vehicles off the roads.

3. Use the Best Type of Oil for Your Car

When many drivers need an oil change, they opt for the cheapest brand they can find. However, you can get better fuel efficiency out of your vehicle if you select an oil designed for efficiency and performance. You should be able to peruse the manual to see what the manufacturer recommends. Whenever you can, you should use a synthetic, environmentally-friendly oil that will make your car last longer.

4. Try Out Renewable Fuels

This tip depends on the area you live in. If there are stations near you that provide renewable fuels, then you should try them out. These fuels are predominantly made out of ethanol but contain a little gasoline. This fuel can only be used in certain vehicles, so make sure it is right for yours before filling up.

5. Maintain Your Vehicle Regularly

Your user manual will tell you how much fuel to the gallon your car should get. Over time, you may notice a gradual decline in fuel efficiency. This is most often due to certain components wearing down over time. The best thing you can do is to take your car to a professional mechanic at least once a year to make sure everything is working as it should. You will notice a smoother ride and greater mileage after a check-up.

6. Buy a Low-Emissions Vehicle

If you are looking to purchase a new car anyway, then you should consider buying a fuel-efficient, green car. When you reduce carbon footprint with a green car, you are eliminating a lot of dangerous gases out of your local atmosphere. Luckily, it has never been more affordable to purchase one of these cars. Not only are you doing your part for the planet, but you will save a lot of money in reduced fuel expenses. Low-emissions vehicles are the way of the future, so it is time to hop onboard.

You may not have the time or energy to follow all of these tips. However, even doing one or two of these is enough to make a significant difference. If everyone in your town followed just one of these steps, then your area can enjoy a more pleasant environment.

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