4 Ways to Increase Recycling Rates

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In a statement, the European Environment Agency reported that a greater part of Europe wastes a lot of resources by dumping them in landfills. This happens despite EU’s target of having nations recycle 50% of their waste by 2017. Today, household recycling is at 43%whereas the recycling rates for businesses stands at 50%. While this is a great effort, recycling still has a huge potential in saving energy and raw materials.

4 Ways to Increase Recycling Rates

Here are four waste removal methods that will improve the recycling capacity in your home and business.

  1. Food Recycling

Do you know where your food waste ends up after waste removal? Most of this organic waste will probably end up in a landfill. As the waste rots, it produces methane which isn’t a pleasant gas in the environment. So why don’t you learn simple food recycling tips in your home to prevent this? The first step is sorting the food waste – this prevents it from mixing with other materials in the waste stream.

Designate a special composting basket where you will dump all your recyclable food scrap. A good characterization scheme would involve separating your waste into greens (vegetable remains and fruit scraps), food leftovers (nutshells, eggshells, and teabags), browns (leaves, wood chips, ash, and dried twigs) and recyclable packaging materials (paper and cardboard). Set up a composting bin in your backyard and throw all the food wastes with the exception of meat or fatty foodstuff in it. Water the bin regularly to accelerate the composting process. When the contents dry up and attain a dark and crumbly texture, use them as green manure for your garden or flowerbeds.

  1. Have Policies in your Home or Office

Another great way to improve your recycling is to establish a recycling culture in your household and business premise. While most people understand the importance of recycling, they fail to implement it due to lack of motivation or pure negligence.

Discuss the importance of recycling with your family members or office staff. At the end of the forum, agree on local recycling rules or policies that apply to everyone in the house or organization. You may print and hang them in a visible spot as a constant reminder.

  1. Offer Incentives

Creating reward programs is a good way to improve the recycling rates in your home. For instance, you can set aside a gift for the person who observes the waste separation rules. Do the same in your business and watch your recycling rates soar.

  1. Purchase Recycled Products

Recycling does not just stop at the waste removal stage. It is also important to promote the cyclic movement of materials through the system, which in turn reduces the need to exploit more of virgin material. By increasing the demand for recycled material, producers will be incentivized to recycle more. Since it also cuts their production cost, they will be obliged to support recycling causes. Therefore, consider buying recycled paper and chairs in your office. In your home, you can purchase products with recycled packaging material.

Recycling waste has a great potential particularly if you embrace the above-mentioned tips. Always ensure that your recycling bins are readily available in your office and home.

If you choose not to compost your waste, consider hiring a waste removal expert such as Waste Express. The company offers efficient rubbish clearance services to both residential and commercial customers across the UK. So optimize your recycling efforts today to conserve raw materials and energy.

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