it Take to Remove a Bad Credit History

How Long Does it Take to Remove a Bad Credit History?

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120 total views, 1 views today Even the most responsible borrowers can missCredit Card payments or loan instalments during financial emergencies. Having said that, are these mistakes going to reflect on your credit report forever or can you improve your credit score? Let’s find out! For How Long DoesBad Credit Information Stay On Your Credit Report? A […]

4 Ways to Increase Recycling Rates

4 Ways to Increase Recycling Rates

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149 total views, no views today In a statement, the European Environment Agency reported that a greater part of Europe wastes a lot of resources by dumping them in landfills. This happens despite EU’s target of having nations recycle 50% of their waste by 2017. Today, household recycling is at 43%whereas the recycling rates for businesses […]

buying a house during separation

Fine Options for the House Purchase During Separation

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488 total views, 1 views today In 2018, more than 120,000 couples dissolved their marriage, separated or divorced , according to INE data. To this amount we would have to add the undetermined figure -there are no statistics that collect the data- of those couples who, without being married, decided to end their relationship. Many of these […]