Gaming App safe and Secure

How to keep your Gaming App safe and Secure?

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2,374 total views, 1 views today The gaming industry continues to grow, each passing day. A good part of this industry happens to be mobile gaming. With the new technologies available today, gaming apps are now in high demand. One important reason behind this necessity comes from the developers who focus more on the marketing strategies than […]

Trendy Pakistani Dresses and the Latest Fashion

Trendy Pakistani Dresses and the Latest Fashion

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158 total views, 1 views today Pakistani fashion changes now and then, you will find a new fashion piece trending every other week. That is a bit hard to catch up on but on the other side; it is a good progress for our Pakistani Fashion Industry. The biggest hands in making the Pakistani Industry grow and […]

The Best Of Jamba Appliance You Need In Your Life!

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187 total views, no views today Jamba is one of the best kitchen appliance brands that one definitely need in their life for the best homemade food and juices. For every one who loves to make smoothies, soup and anything on their own, all you need is a Jamba to make it happen. Jamba has launched […]

the days when you needed someone to introduce you to card games and their rules.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rummy Site

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147 total views, 1 views today Gone are the days when you needed someone to introduce you to card games and their rules. Rummy, which is an age-old favorite of Indians, is one such game that a lot of us have learnt pretty much early, maybe from a friend or family member. We have all enjoyed this […]

The Best Things to Do in Hobart Found Here

The Best Things to Do in Hobart: Found Here

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302 total views, 3 views today As you plan a long-awaited road trip in a motorhome hire in Australia, you may be deciding on cities and places to visit. May we suggest that you visit Hobart? It’s not as well-known as other places in Australia, but it certainly has its charm and is worth a stop along […]

It Can Put Ideas In Order

Nutrition: It Can Put Ideas In Order

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225 total views, 1 views today The relationship between nutrition and intelligence depends on the organization of certain functional networks of the brain. This is the strong idea of this study from the University of Illinois that highlights the beneficial effects of specific nutrients on the organization of a neural network involved in attention. Its more general objective is […]

Mobile Applications: Real Spies

Mobile Applications: Real Spies?

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302 total views, 2 views today At the time of the great unpacking of bare selfies from Hollywood celebrities, a quick word to advise you to watch this short 26-minute report from Arte. It deals with mobile applications and personal data: Mobile applications: real spies? In particular, we can see the CNIL at work, and also a […]