5 Days In Bangkok

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293 total views, no views today 5 DAYS IN BANGKOK 2 years ago, we visited Bangkok for 8 days ( see the travel diary ), we loved this capital city. Two years later, this has changed and developed. Some small street restaurants have given way to trendy and trendy places. Normal, but this is a shame because I found that the […]

Yoga Or Medition:

Yoga Or Medition: Emptying Is Filling Up With Energy

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188 total views, 1 views today The yoga (Hatha) and meditation significantly improve brain function but also the energy levels, reveals this small study from the University of Waterloo. A practice of only 25 minutes per day stimulates the executive functions and cognitive abilities related to achieving goals, the ability to control his emotional responses. “Yoga and conscientious meditation emphasize the conscious […]

7 Days In Chiang Mai

7 Days In Chiang Mai

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310 total views, 2 views today Hotel: Sira Boutique (26 € per night) and the Cool guest house (28 € per night) Transfer from the airport to the old town by taxi: 160 bahts Cout tuk tuk: 100 bahts bahts per person but often stops Weather: it’s sunny In Chiang Mai, there is the old fortified town. When […]

7 Days In Phukit

7 Days In Phukit

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250 total views, no views today Arriving at Phuket airport Our hoster kamala bungalow had to pick us up at the airport. After 30 minutes of waiting, we decided to leave by taxi, the price is fixed at 750 baht to go to Kamala. When we arrive at the bungalows, they apologize a thousand times for not being able to […]

2 Days In Koh Phi Phi

2 Days In Koh Phi Phi

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149 total views, no views today Hotel: Phi Phi the Beach Resort, 130 € per night Price of a taxi boat trip to the island: 100 baht per person Price of Kamala Phuket beach in Phi Phi by boat: 450 Baht per person weather: sunny Ko Phi Phi is the island of cats! For an allergic […]