On 1000 Sites

We Can Have 1000 Passwords On 1 Site, But Not 1 Password On 1000 Sites

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154 total views, 2 views today TO HAVE A REAL SECURITY OF ITS PERSONAL DATA, THE FIRST THING TO DO IS TO HAVE A GOOD STRATEGY OF PASSWORDS.UNFORTUNATELY, IN 80% OF CASES, IT IS RATHER THE OPPOSITE … Ateach time, countless hands that rise. The question I ask is always the same: I ask professionals, managers or […]

Apple Watch

Branding: Why Apple Watch And Not I Watch ?

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150 total views, 1 views today FINALLY, IT WILL BE “APPLE WATCH”. A PRIORI, THE CHANGE OF NAME OF THE LAST PRODUCT OF THE BRAND TO THE APPLE REVEALS MORE THINGS THAN IT APPEARS. The experts were therefore mistaken. All of the “observers” who love to predict what Apple’s products will be before its release had bet […]