2 Days In Koh Phi Phi

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Hotel: Phi Phi the Beach Resort, 130 € per night
Price of a taxi boat trip to the island: 100 baht per person
Price of Kamala Phuket beach in Phi Phi by boat: 450 Baht per person
weather: sunny
Ko Phi Phi is the island of cats!
For an allergic like me to the cats, I sneezed for 2 days !! But despite that, it’s a superb place that I absolutely loved !!
We take a one-way ticket to PP from a travel agency along the beach of Kamala, the cost is 900 baht (22 €) for 2 which includes: transfer by private bus from the hotel to the port of Phuket ( 40 mn of journey), the crossing by boat (1h30 of journey).
We could have gone for us even by normal bus, then tuc tuc, then crossed, it would have been around 700 baht. So for 200 baht more (5 €) we do not bother.
In Koh Phi Phi, we booked the Phi Phi Beach Resort, they pick us up at the port on our arrival. Note that it is better to stay one or two nights on the spot because the boat to return to Phuket is at 15h.
In the boat, one quickly realizes that 90% of people go to Koh Phi Phi only for the day and return the same evening to Phuket. The boat arrives down at 10am, so if you want to enjoy the island without the horde of tourists the day, you will have to get up very early !!
In Phi Phi, everything is more expensive, buy before you leave.
When one arrives on the island, one is amazed by its wonder, its great cliffs, its vegetation and its fish. In the harbor, striped fish, full of sorts, is beautiful to see.
We are asked 20 baht per person for the cleanliness of the island if I understood correctly, it is a mandatory fee for everyone.
Everything is well organized for the tourists, every hotel has its boat with a name on it, and if the boat of your hotel is not there, the staff of the other hotels will guide you and you will wait a few minutes on the pontoon with a large umbrella to cover you from the sun, a very good quality service.
We decided to leave for 3 hours in Phi Phi Ley, the famous island opposite or was filmed the film The Beach . 1500 baht for two in long-tail boat. We leave at 7am not to have a crowd of tourists in Maya Bay (beach). When we arrive, there are about ten people, that’s great. Upon arrival, the national park charges 200 baht per person for the preservation of the place.
Then we will snorkel with the fish and then swim at Blue Lagoon, beautiful too!
We stayed at the Phi Phi the Beach Resort , a fairly upmarket hotel but still affordable, we had a deluxe villa with partial sea view (but actually sea view), the only drawback is that a neighboring villa is adjoining and there is a door to communicate between the 2 bedrooms. Ideal when traveling with family but not great when the neighbors are noisy. So make a villa alone, there are some. We think this is the best hotel in the island because of its location and quiet. The other side of the island is more trendy Night. To get to downtown ko pp, take the taxi boat to 100 baht per person. The “downtown” is very cute, we realize that it is an island of cats!And I who am allergic, I very often eternuà ©. In this village, there is an atmosphere, both holiday, but also a very active village, where the Thai people work hard. We will often see the arm carts that serve to transport everything: bags, food, garbage cans, water, ice cubes, restaurant dishes, etc. In the narrow alleys, there is a mix of bicycles, pedestrians and arm carts, all in a relaxed holiday atmosphere.
The sunset is not visible from the center of the island. Either you have to go to the view point, or rent a taxi boat to get to the other side. Some of us offered it for 500 baht. We did not do it, we stayed at the hotel beach, this is where you guess the best if you do not want to pay or go to the view point, you do not see it because the mountain in front of the cache, but we see all the colors. It is still very beautiful.
The ideal is to stay 2 nights on site to enjoy.
Of all the places of Thailand, Koh Phi Phi remains my best memory, not only I love the sea and the beaches, but here reigns a particular atmosphere where it seems that time has stopped …

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